• UK Tour Checkoff (8/19/2013) - Made it back from the wilds of our UK tour. Great to play in all sorts of places up and down England and Wales. We even got to spend a night in a double-decker bus turned into a dream band bus that has tons of bunk beds, heat, a bathroom and kitchen. Thanks to Malc … Continue reading UK Tour Checkoff
  • “Car Pizza” Is Out!!!! (8/18/2013) - It’s official. I’ve finished tinkering with the new record and it’s now out there. Whew, it’s been a long process and I’m so happy to be able to share with you. I put a few of the tracks up on the music page and it’s also available to buy on CD or through iTunes on … Continue reading “Car Pizza” Is Out!!!!
  • Close To Releasing “Car Pizza”! (7/25/2013) - It’s all coming together, folks. I was down at Heart of Gold Studios today with Tim Bazell mastering the record and it’s sounding pretty rockin. Great to catch up with him and see one of his studios in the far reaches of NW9. Last night, I met with Tom Palloway from Headlite at 12 Bar … Continue reading Close To Releasing “Car Pizza”!
  • Mixing It Up (3/4/2013) - Whew, been mixing up a storm with the new album! It feels great to just get in there and do it and I’m really enjoying having the tools to make it happen. Excited to share it with you soon! Last month, my sister, Geralyn, and I went on an epic road trip through the south … Continue reading Mixing It Up
  • Howdy Hank (1/13/2013) - “The Rebirth of Howdy Hank” documentary we did a few years ago is up on youtube! Have a look:
  • Car Pizza (11/22/2012) - Whew! Working hard on this solo album. Just about finished with the artwork but still recording bits and mixing songs. Really enjoying the process but sometimes seems there aren’t enough hours in the day. My friend Hanna came to town last month and we ended up recording a few tunes together. Probably went over 20 … Continue reading Car Pizza