• Car Pizza Band (2/11/2014) - Had a really fun gig a couple Thursdays ago at Martyn Bonanza’s “Countrier Than Thou” night in Camden. It was my first gig with drummer Tony Natale and had Jeremy and Anna from The Hallelujah Trails on guitar and bass. We only got in a couple of practices before the show but it all came … Continue reading Car Pizza Band
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! (12/14/2013) - Well, whatta year! Sure has been a busy one and gotta say I’m really happy to have finished and released Car Pizza. It took a lot longer than I ever thought it would but heck, now it’s out there in the world. No more gigs until next year but hope to catch you all at … Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  • Car Pizza Lyrics (11/14/2013) - Real Love If I turn around and feel it all fall down Oh love, time’s just a little bit for us on this stone Feel it all go cold, nothing to control Yeah time wipes all our memories yeah but not our soul When I’m 6 feet underground, nothing can keep me down Oh love, … Continue reading Car Pizza Lyrics
  • Back From California (11/6/2013) - Really enjoyed playing a couple of gigs back in California. Nice to meet some new friends at the Cinema Bar in Culver City and then got to play with Chris Jones and Scary Little Friends up in San Francisco at a place called Amnesia. Their new album “From The Beginning” is fantastic and it was … Continue reading Back From California
  • UK Tour Checkoff (8/19/2013) - Made it back from the wilds of our UK tour. Great to play in all sorts of places up and down England and Wales. We even got to spend a night in a double-decker bus turned into a dream band bus that has tons of bunk beds, heat, a bathroom and kitchen. Thanks to Malc … Continue reading UK Tour Checkoff
  • “Car Pizza” Is Out!!!! (8/18/2013) - It’s official. I’ve finished tinkering with the new record and it’s now out there. Whew, it’s been a long process and I’m so happy to be able to share with you. I put a few of the tracks up on the music page and it’s also available to buy on CD or through iTunes on … Continue reading “Car Pizza” Is Out!!!!