About Dan

Originally from Northern California, Dan is based in London UK. His music is best filed under americana brooding space rock psyched anticipation rock. His latest solo album, Car Pizza, is a collection of rock and country-folk tinged songs from the past few years. The mix of solo acoustic recordings and multi-tracked Dans playing guitars, bass and drums take in a lot of musical landscapes. On the track “I Have Seen”, Jeremy Mendonca sings some harmonies and lays down some electric guitar while Hanna Grahm plays fiddle.

You want influences? You sure?

Preston Epps meets Beck meets Dinosaur Jr. meets Neil Young meets Jeff Buckley meets Elliott Smith meets Nick Drake meets U2 meets the Police meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Nirvana meets Daniel Lanois meets Willie Wonka meets Tim Hardin meets Eddie Vedder meets Mark Lanegan meets Johnny Cash meets Mark Kozelek meets Willie Nelson meets Hank Sr. meets Gillian Welch meets David Rawlings meets Ryan Adams meets Lucinda Williams meets Pete Droge meets Jackpot meets Tom Petty meets Elvis.

Dan also founded the band Norton Money with Jeremy Mendonca. They play a vocal harmony-driven sort of country soul and roots rock, along with Anna Robinson on bass and vocals and Maurizio Viviani on drums. They recently released their 3rd album, The Ballad Of Hi & Lo.

“This London based Americana outfit delivers an album of diversity in both style and tempo… where even the most surefooted performer can stumble into the realm of cliche, Norton Money manage to operate within this familiar soundscape without teetering into mere pastiche.”
‚ÄčNeil McLeod, Rock & Reel Magazine, 2017

Dan also plays guitar and cowrites songs for London-based rock band, Grace Solero. The band is currently working on their 3rd album, due to be released later this year. And he’s involved in a sad core country duo called Broken Islands with singer Claire Rabbitt.