• Anna’s Birthday Party! (1/30/2024) - Come on down to Aces & Eights on Feb. 15! It’ll be Anna’s birthday and Jamie will be playing his stripped-down kit with an old timey suitcase for a kick drum. And I just updated the gig page.
  • The Twilight Zone Gig On November 30 Has Been Cancelled (11/20/2023) - Unfortunately due to a booking mixup at the club, our show isn’t happening. Sorry about this but we’re planning on rescheduling for something in early 2024.
  • Back in London! (11/9/2023) - Hit the ground running last week with gigs straight away and still pretty busy trying to get back into London mode and pace. But hey, it’s nice to be back! Check out the gigs page for upcoming events and such.
  • Happy 4th of July! (7/4/2023) - Hey there, enjoying the summer over here so far. Some pretty cool gigs coming up and been busy recording some new Norton Money tunes. Stay tuned! Grace Solero continues travelling around the UK in support of our latest album, Metamorphosis. We’re heading up to Newcastle, Hartlepool and Leicester in August and I’m hoping to get … Continue reading Happy 4th of July!
  • Happy New Year!!! (1/4/2023) - Hey everybody, here we go! Last year was a busy one. Norton Money played some summer music festivals and my rock band Grace Solero released our new album in July. Grace and I also played some shows in California and New York and really enjoyed getting back to doing what we do. We also played … Continue reading Happy New Year!!!
  • On The Road Again (2/22/2022) - It sure feels good to travel around playing music again. Slowly but surely. Grace and I are enjoying being back in the States. We played in San Diego and are in between playing a couple of shows in New York. It’s all been pretty last minute but we’re enjoying the adventure. Also got some quality … Continue reading On The Road Again