• Gigs A-comin’ (3/2/2020) - Been booking quite a few things for the next few months. Check out the Gigs page for all the details… Played a couple duo gigs with Grace in Milan and Rome a few weeks ago and we had a great time. TNT in Milan is a converted garage covered in B-movie posters and has a … Continue reading Gigs A-comin’
  • New Year, New Website! (1/3/2020) - And we’re back! Many thanks to Maurizio Liberato for building the new website. Things have been busy but I’ll try to catch up a bit on the news front. Norton Money had a fun run of shows in December: our monthly Emperor Norton’s Whiskey Symposium at Aces & Eights, Spit & Sawdust, our Holiday Spectacular … Continue reading New Year, New Website!
  • Couple Of Gigs Next Week (5/12/2018) - Jeremy and I will be playing a duo gig Spit & Sawdust in South London on Wednesday the 16th of May. We had a great time playing there last Valentine’s Day and are happy to get back there. Then Grace Solero will be playing a full-band (FULL VOLUME!) gig Thursday the 17th of May at … Continue reading Couple Of Gigs Next Week
  • April’s Looking Busy (3/12/2018) - Lots of cool gigs coming up in April. We have the release party for the new Grace Solero semi-acoustic album happening on April 20 in the swanky Aces & Eights basement venue. We’re also getting outta town for some shows in Reading and Leicester. Road trip! I’m also excited to do a rare solo gig … Continue reading April’s Looking Busy
  • Tube Station Dance Parties and Gigs Coming Up! (2/7/2018) - Hey there, it’s been a busy few days here. Norton Money had our first Whiskey Symposium gig of 2018 last Thursday and then Saturday night, an impromptu dance party happened when I was busking at Leicester Square tube station. It was really nice to see all the smiles surrounding me and everyone singing along. It … Continue reading Tube Station Dance Parties and Gigs Coming Up!
  • 2018! (1/19/2018) - Alright, music fans! We had a great launch party in December for Norton Money’s “The Ballad Of Hi & Lo” at Aces & Eights. Thanks so much for everyone who made it! Fun to play all the songs on the album for the first time, plus we fit some others in as well. Happy to … Continue reading 2018!