Gigs Aplenty, Here & Abroad

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the gigging front. Had a great time playing “Before The Gold Rush” at the Haberdashery recently, with some stellar acts playing before us: The Hallelujah Trails, Russell Joslin and Elin Iversson. Thanks to Steve and Nina for having us down!

A couple days later, I had my Poland debut in a place called Lędziny. My friend, Teddy, hooked up the gig and it was the first ever concert at the new concert hall there. The mayor was there, we were given flowers and I was totally overwhelmed with all the support and fanfar we were given. The next day, we recorded some songs at Polskie Studio Dzwiekowe, a really nice well-equipped studio nearby. I was able to record a couple of my songs onto tape!

The next day, we played Rotuna in Krakow, an amazing circular hall with a balcony and the biggest sound I’ve ever had for just my voice and acoustic guitar. I could definitely get used to playing venues like that! It was probably the coolest venue I’ve ever played. I can’t wait to get back there with my band!

Have some really cool gigs coming up, so please check out the gig page!

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