On The Road Again

It sure feels good to travel around playing music again. Slowly but surely. Grace and I are enjoying being back in the States. We played in San Diego and are in between playing a couple of shows in New York. It’s all been pretty last minute but we’re enjoying the adventure. Also got some quality time with friends and family in Joshua Tree, the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Feels a bit more like normal times catching up with loved ones in person and looking forward to more of it!

Back At Aces & Eights!

Happy to be up and running again at Aces. We had a monthly night there for a few years until March 2020 but now getting back to it. Working up a list of tunes with Anna, and Jamie Shaw is gonna be playing drums with us! Miss playing with Jeremy as he’s been out of town. But yeah, all good. Feels great to have gigs in the calendar again.

Fun Solo Gig At Nambucca Last Night

Really loved playing for you all last night at Nambucca! Such a pleasure to see so many of you there. Great sets as well from Whelligan, Victor & The New Vintage and DJ Nanna. I’ll play a full band set with Grace Solero at the Black Heart in Camden this Tuesday night and then we’re having an evening of “Emperor Norton’s Whiskey Symposium” at Aces & Eights in Tufnell Park on Thursday, December 2. Exciting!

Summer Gigs!

Looks like we’re set to play live and in person in the real world this summer. It will be so nice to get back out there and play. In the meantime, hope you’re doing alright and we’re excited to see you out on the road!

Physical, Real World Gigs This Weekend!

I’m playing 2 duo gigs this weekend: Saturday with Jeremy at the Middlesex Filterbeds on the River Lea and Sunday with Grace Solero on Primrose Hill. Check the Gigs page for all the details! Would be wonderful to see you and to give you a big air hug or air high 5.

Online Shows

Norton Money had our first live stream last Saturday night and we really enjoyed it! It was actually pretty overwhelming to have so many people from all over the globe joining us. I’ve been a bit hesitant to do online shows but with this experience and a few positive ones with Grace, I’m looking forward to trying a solo show. I’ve been learning how to do it so might as well do it! Stay tuned for details.

Are you ok?

Seems like just yesterday I had posted an update called Gigs A’comin’ back in March. Actually, no, that seems like a long, long time ago. Things got weird pretty quickly. I’ve started watching old Twilight Zone episodes for a sense of normalcy. That ain’t normal. So one of those gigs I was talking about happened on March 5 at Aces & Eights but the rest still haven’t happened. Sounds like it’s going to be a while until we can play gigs again. It’s understandable but pretty full on too. I have been enjoying having more time at home but really miss playing gigs and the normalcy of doing things at other places with other people. In the meantime, Jeremy and I are going to do a live webcast thing on Saturday, July 18 at 7pm UK time (11am California time). We hope you can tune in. I know it’s not nearly the same as a live gig but we’re gonna try to have a good ol’ time anyway. Hope you’re keeping well and we miss you.