All Sorts Of Stuff

There have been a bunch of shows as of late. It’s all been lots of fun but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a blur. All good though. Onward and upward.

So Norton Money is playing as a 5-piece this Saturday night: me, Jeremy on guitar and singing, Anna on bass and singing, Jamie on drums and Greg on pedal steel. We’re playing 2 sets at The Duke in Deptford and are pretty excited to delve into a bunch of new tunes and lost classics, haha.

Still slow cooking the new Norton Money album. Hoping for an autumn release and working on getting some gigs in California for October, as well as the UK.

Been feeling pretty inspired singing and performing lately so hoping to keep that going. Also been learning loads of covers. I’m a bit obsessed with the Roy Orbison tunes right now as well as 60s/70s soft rock: Glen Campbell, Gordon Lightfoot, Bread, yeah!

Got some festivals scheduled in July for both Norton Money and Grace Solero so hopefully it gets sunny and warm again soon.

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