More Of The Good Stuff

I’ve had some overseas gigs in the past month and well heck, that’s pretty fun! It was great to finally play over in Dublin. The Grand Social is a really nice venue and we had a great turnout. It was fun to hang out with Rob Corcoran and his band and to head down to Cork with them. Felt like a little sampler trip over to the Emerald Isle but now I really want to get back, rent a car, be out in nature and play some gigs in the West.

Grace Solero played our first gigs over on “The Continent”, gigging in Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam. Richard Ellington drove us all over and wow, that’s a lot of driving! Our drummer, Dave Guy, helped out with driving, so thanks to him too for getting us there and back. It was very surreal to be in a car on the upper deck of a train going underwater in the Chunnel. We were in Hamburg for 2 nights so got to see a bit more there but Berlin and Amsterdam passed by pretty quickly. Definitely want to get back there with more time. The gigs all went well and we made some new fans.

Norton Money got back into the studio last week and we laid down the rhythm tracks for 4 tunes that’ll be on the new record. It was more fun than torturous, so that’s a good sign. All 4 songs sound so different from each other but that’s good.

Onwards and upwards!

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