Close To Releasing “Car Pizza”!

It’s all coming together, folks. I was down at Heart of Gold Studios today with Tim Bazell mastering the record and it’s sounding pretty rockin. Great to catch up with him and see one of his studios in the far reaches of NW9. Last night, I met with Tom Palloway from Headlite at 12 Bar Club and he’s gonna do the lighting for the record release party. I don’t know how psychedelic he plans on getting but stay tuned!

I’ve put together a band for the Car Pizza release and really excited to rock these songs out with actual other people. Had some jams with Jamie Whelligan on bass and he’s got a really good feel for the tunes. Will the drummer is just back in town after playing some shows in Germany so hoping to all get in a practice room soon. Hanna and her fiddle are coming over from Sweden a few days before the gig and it’ll be great to have her in town. Also, Jeremy is gonna sing and play on a few tunes as well and there might be other special guests. And kicking off the live music for the night will be Ben Holland, a really talented singer/songwriter/guitarist. Then there will be a full electric set with The Hallelujah Trails. Then my band goes on around 10. Can’t wait!

And just had SF and LA gigs booked for September. See, it’s coming together. Hope you’re all having a great summer!

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