Mixing It Up

Whew, been mixing up a storm with the new album! It feels great to just get in there and do it and I’m really enjoying having the tools to make it happen. Excited to share it with you soon!

Last month, my sister, Geralyn, and I went on an epic road trip through the south of the US. We hit the big music cities of New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis and Austin as well as plenty of small towns along the way. I haven’t quite recovered from how great a journey it was. In short, I would say it was super inspiring and has given me a lot of energy for releasing both my solo album in August and the Grace Solero album in September. Once my album is mixed, I’ll get a move on booking gigs to support it. I’m really excited about the record release party on Aug. 8 at the 12 Bar Club in London. My fiddler friend, Hanna, is coming over from Sweden to play and Hallelujah Trails are also performing electrically on the night. Woohoo! 

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