Tube Station Dance Parties and Gigs Coming Up!

Hey there, it’s been a busy few days here. Norton Money had our first Whiskey Symposium gig of 2018 last Thursday and then Saturday night, an impromptu dance party happened when I was busking at Leicester Square tube station. It was really nice to see all the smiles surrounding me and everyone singing along. It went on for a good 20 or 30 minutes until the Underground guys put a stop to it because of overcrowding worries. Simon Dwain Kalavazides came across the scene and did a great job filming the unfolding drama and now the video has been viewed like 20,000 times. So a big thanks goes out to Simon! It would be great if all those people showed up at our gig at the Folks this Sunday, haha. We’re also playing the Spit and Sawdust on Valentine’s Day. It’s given me a lot of good energy, this support from friends, family and strangers. Thanks so much, everyone!

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