Back From California

Really enjoyed playing a couple of gigs back in California. Nice to meet some new friends at the Cinema Bar in Culver City and then got to play with Chris Jones and Scary Little Friends up in San Francisco at a place called Amnesia. Their new album “From The Beginning” is fantastic and it was a whole lotta fun to join them on a few of those tunes.

I put my last few solo albums up on iTunes so feel to have a listen there and please tell your friends. Also, my 1st band, Jiff, released an album called “Tabula Rasa” back in 1996 and I felt like putting that up on iTunes as well. It was partly produced by Frank Infante, the guitarist from Blondie, and it was a lot of fun working with him and driving around Hollywood in his car while he played me his favorite current albums for production ideas.

The other band I play in, Grace Solero, just released our 2nd album, “Hundred Years Apart”. We had a really fun record release party at the Water Rats in London. Had a great turnout and a stellar opening set from Affa David. Luckily the ceiling above the stage didn’t collapse while we were performing because it sure did collapse a few days ago, just before a band was meant to soundcheck. Yikes! That might be a whole new phobia for performers. We hit the road for our UK tour in 2 weeks and we’re really excited to see some new places and meet new people.

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