Music Bits

Back gigging with both Norton Money and Grace Solero. Grace Solero played down at Water Rats last Friday and it was great to rock out again. It was our first gig since finishing the mixing and mastering of the upcoming album. We’re looking at releasing it in September so stay tuned for all the exciting updates!

Norton Money was back at Aces & Eights the week before last. Great to be playing and singing together again.

The solo “Car Pizza” album is getting closer to completion. I’ve been connecting my old recording system to the new one to get bits of some songs back and it’s been quite a technological adventure. Can’t wait to share the album with you.

I had a solo gig back in January at the Piano Bar in Hollywood. Thanks to my friend, Henry Fenton, for sorting it out for me! Couldn’t sort out any SF gigs this time around but hope to get something together the next time. My sister and I also got to check out some incredible guitars around Hollywood. Just looking this time around…

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