• The slow time of year?!!! (1/26/2016) - Hey everybody, Happy New Year! We recently got Norton Money up and running again and have already played some shows in London and Kent the past few days. Trying it as a 3-piece with a bit of instrument swapping throughout the set. If you’re reading this, you probably already know me and Jeremy, but we … Continue reading The slow time of year?!!!
  • Gigs Galore (10/30/2015) - Back in London and I seem to have hit the ground running. Tonight I’m playing with Grace Solero in Birmingham opening up for Bernie Torme, and last night I played guitar and sang a bit with Of Embla at The Harrison. Our monthly music night at Aces & Eights, “Emperor Norton’s Whiskey Symposium”, returns this … Continue reading Gigs Galore
  • Previously In Dan’s News… (7/17/2015) - The rollercoaster of rock & roll continues. Had a great mini tour this past weekend with Grace Solero despite our drummer picking a most inopportune time to quit the band a few days before we set out on the road. But through a series of miracles, we met Dave Guy on the Monday followed by … Continue reading Previously In Dan’s News…
  • Sun! (6/6/2015) - I know I shouldn’t jinx it but it’s great to have the sun around and some heat. Feels a bit more like home whenever this happens. It’s been a busy while since I last wrote. Gigs in Edinburgh, Manchester, Norwich and Brighton, as well as quite a few in London. Our monthly night at Aces … Continue reading Sun!
  • Good Kind Of Busy (3/8/2015) - I’m feeling pretty inspired these days playing with a lot of incredibly talented musicians. Our first monthly night at Aces & Eights went really well last month and we’re pretty excited to back to it on March 19. It’s a real joy to have Greg Holme playing pedal steel with us. A whole new level … Continue reading Good Kind Of Busy
  • Aces & Eights Residency (1/29/2015) - In 3 weeks, Jeremy, Anna and I will launch a monthly night of music in the main bar at Aces & Eights in Tufnell Park. We’re really excited about it! We’ll be playing our own songs along with some of our favorite covers. We named the night after Emperor Norton, who proclaimed himself Emperor of … Continue reading Aces & Eights Residency