• New Album Release Party Coming Up! (11/17/2017) - We’re pretty excited to have a Friday night party for the new Norton Money album. It’s coming up on December 15 and you should come on down and join us! It’s in the basement venue at Aces & Eights and we’re having support from Annexe The Moon. After we play our set, we’ll have a … Continue reading New Album Release Party Coming Up!
  • California Coming Home (9/28/2017) - Jeremy and I are looking forward to playing a couple duo gigs in a couple weeks out West. I played a fun show last week with my friends Chris Jones and PJ Weston at the Pioneer in Woodside. Good fun switching instruments and messing around. Norton Money has finalized the Album Release Party for Friday, … Continue reading California Coming Home
  • Grazie, Ferrara! (9/13/2017) - Anna, Jamie and I were invited to play at the Ferrara Buskers Festival in Italy a few weeks ago. Jeremy was invited too but couldn’t make it due to prior commitments. We had a great time playing every day of the 10-day festival and met loads of people from all over the place. It was … Continue reading Grazie, Ferrara!
  • On The Cusp (9/13/2017) - So we’re in the planning stages for some cool shows, including the Norton Money “The Ballad Of Hi & Lo” record release party. Sometimes planning stages go on for longer than you’d want (like in this case) but I’m happy to report that we’re getting there. Stay tuned for the update! What else has been … Continue reading On The Cusp
  • “The Ballad Of Hi & Lo” Is Out! (7/6/2017) - Our new record is officially out! It’s been a pretty long process but we’re really happy that it’s come to fruition. Still working on the specifics of a full-on record release party in London but we’re looking at September to do that. Check out the store to buy it on CD or iTunes. If you … Continue reading “The Ballad Of Hi & Lo” Is Out!
  • Back In The Saddle (6/25/2017) - Did you know Norton Money has a record coming out? Yeah, it’s coming out this week! We’ll be playing the Maverick Festival this Friday and will have it for sale. Then we’re gonna have a record release party in London later in the summer. Stay tuned for the details on that!