“The Ballad Of Hi & Lo” Is Out!

Our new record is officially out! It’s been a pretty long process but we’re really happy that it’s come to fruition. Still working on the specifics of a full-on record release party in London but we’re looking at September to do that. Check out the store to buy it on CD or iTunes. If you want to download it, we’d prefer if you bought it at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/nortonmoney3 as we get a bigger piece of the action there than on iTunes.

Maverick Festival was super fun. We played the Barn Friday night to an enthusiastic crowd and got to play a few tunes on the little stage by the Saloon on Saturday morning. Enjoyed stellar sets from the likes of Albert Lee, Hang Wangford, Hymn For Her, Terra Lightfoot, Roman’ Jasmine, Britt Gully and Don Gallardo. I got to do some singing on “Lost Highway” with Don, Travis Stock, Dorothy Daniel from The Danberrys and Hannah Aldridge, along with BJ Cole on pedal steel and Jay Shaw on drums as part of the Hank Williams’ tribute in the Peacock. Great weekend!

Norton Money has quite a few shows coming up this month, so try to make it down to one of them. Happy Summer!

Back In The Saddle

Did you know Norton Money has a record coming out? Yeah, it’s coming out this week! We’ll be playing the Maverick Festival this Friday and will have it for sale. Then we’re gonna have a record release party in London later in the summer. Stay tuned for the details on that!

Happy New Year, Everybody!

Yeah, we made it! Pretty excited about this upcoming year. A big part of that excitement is the new Norton Money album that’ll be coming out soon. Stay tuned! Speaking of Norton Money, we had an amazing time on our California Tour in October. So great to see so many friends and family at the shows. We thank you for all your support! Enjoyed some time out in the desert, a few beaches and lots of miles on backroads and highways. It also made me happy that my musical gear back home could handle some real, by God touring. Special thanks goes out to my sister, Geralyn, for being our tour manager, photographer and videographer all along the way. Loved playing with some other great bands and artists, like Scary Little Friends, PJ Weston, Dan Juan and Junk Parlor. We’ll see y’all again in the autumn! Still need to get the new album mastered as well as sorting out the artwork. But we’re looking to release it before the summer. Record release party news to follow soon…

California Tour Starts Next Week!

Yeah, it’s coming up quickly and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Just added another date. We play The Maiden in Big Sur on Friday, October 14! If you have friends in LA, around Santa Cruz or in the Bay Area, please send them our way. And of course, we’d love to see YOU if you live in or near any of these spots! All the shows can be found on the gigs page.

More California Dates Getting Confirmed!

It’s all coming together. I’m pretty excited to get back to playing some of my favorite spots. And it’ll be Jamie the drummer’s first time in California! So far, we’ll be at Silverlake Lounge in LA on Wed. Oct. 12, Pioneer Saloon in Woodside on Thur. Oct. 20 and Smiley’s in Bolinas on Fri. Oct. 21. Stay tuned for more dates as we confirm them. Woohoo!

All Sorts Of Stuff

There have been a bunch of shows as of late. It’s all been lots of fun but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a blur. All good though. Onward and upward.

So Norton Money is playing as a 5-piece this Saturday night: me, Jeremy on guitar and singing, Anna on bass and singing, Jamie on drums and Greg on pedal steel. We’re playing 2 sets at The Duke in Deptford and are pretty excited to delve into a bunch of new tunes and lost classics, haha.

Still slow cooking the new Norton Money album. Hoping for an autumn release and working on getting some gigs in California for October, as well as the UK.

Been feeling pretty inspired singing and performing lately so hoping to keep that going. Also been learning loads of covers. I’m a bit obsessed with the Roy Orbison tunes right now as well as 60s/70s soft rock: Glen Campbell, Gordon Lightfoot, Bread, yeah!

Got some festivals scheduled in July for both Norton Money and Grace Solero so hopefully it gets sunny and warm again soon.

More Of The Good Stuff

I’ve had some overseas gigs in the past month and well heck, that’s pretty fun! It was great to finally play over in Dublin. The Grand Social is a really nice venue and we had a great turnout. It was fun to hang out with Rob Corcoran and his band and to head down to Cork with them. Felt like a little sampler trip over to the Emerald Isle but now I really want to get back, rent a car, be out in nature and play some gigs in the West.

Grace Solero played our first gigs over on “The Continent”, gigging in Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam. Richard Ellington drove us all over and wow, that’s a lot of driving! Our drummer, Dave Guy, helped out with driving, so thanks to him too for getting us there and back. It was very surreal to be in a car on the upper deck of a train going underwater in the Chunnel. We were in Hamburg for 2 nights so got to see a bit more there but Berlin and Amsterdam passed by pretty quickly. Definitely want to get back there with more time. The gigs all went well and we made some new fans.

Norton Money got back into the studio last week and we laid down the rhythm tracks for 4 tunes that’ll be on the new record. It was more fun than torturous, so that’s a good sign. All 4 songs sound so different from each other but that’s good.

Onwards and upwards!

The slow time of year?!!!

Hey everybody, Happy New Year! We recently got Norton Money up and running again and have already played some shows in London and Kent the past few days. Trying it as a 3-piece with a bit of instrument swapping throughout the set. If you’re reading this, you probably already know me and Jeremy, but we also have Jamie Shaw on drums. He’s quite the force de groove. For our 3 gigs in Kent, we even had our personal chauffeur, Richard Goldsmith, in his motorhome. First class all the way! We’re going back into One Cat Studio with Jon Clayton next month to work on some recordings so watch this space as we embark on a new record!!!

I’m really excited to play for the first time in Ireland next week! I’m opening up for Rob Corcoran and his fantastic band at The Grand Social in Dublin. I haven’t been to Ireland since I was 2 years old, so it’s safe to say it’s high time I returned for a visit to the Old Country.

Also gonna be on the road with Grace Solero later in February as we play our first full-band shows in Mainland Europe. Playing in Hamburg and Berlin and possibly Amsterdam.

What else? The usual trying to find time to write and record but that’s nothing new. Days are getting longer and that always makes me hopeful.

Gigs Galore

Back in London and I seem to have hit the ground running. Tonight I’m playing with Grace Solero in Birmingham opening up for Bernie Torme, and last night I played guitar and sang a bit with Of Embla at The Harrison. Our monthly music night at Aces & Eights, “Emperor Norton’s Whiskey Symposium”, returns this upcoming Thursday, so I’m really excited about that! Have some new songs in the works too. Ok, more soon but right now we have to hit the road and try to beat the bulk of the Friday traffic. Have a great weekend!