“The Ballad Of Hi & Lo” Is Out!

Our new record is officially out! It’s been a pretty long process but we’re really happy that it’s come to fruition. Still working on the specifics of a full-on record release party in London but we’re looking at September to do that. Check out the store to buy it on CD or iTunes. If you want to download it, we’d prefer if you bought it at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/nortonmoney3 as we get a bigger piece of the action there than on iTunes.

Maverick Festival was super fun. We played the Barn Friday night to an enthusiastic crowd and got to play a few tunes on the little stage by the Saloon on Saturday morning. Enjoyed stellar sets from the likes of Albert Lee, Hang Wangford, Hymn For Her, Terra Lightfoot, Roman’ Jasmine, Britt Gully and Don Gallardo. I got to do some singing on “Lost Highway” with Don, Travis Stock, Dorothy Daniel from The Danberrys and Hannah Aldridge, along with BJ Cole on pedal steel and Jay Shaw on drums as part of the Hank Williams’ tribute in the Peacock. Great weekend!

Norton Money has quite a few shows coming up this month, so try to make it down to one of them. Happy Summer!

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