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Posted by Geralyn on 3 May 2013 | 6 Comments


Yee-Haw!  It's the First Travel Blog entry from Lafayette, LA!!!  So we've gone from The City of Angels "LA" to Lafayette, "LA"!  Trip so far has been So Good!  Was surprised to see lush green landscape flying in over Houston dotted with fluffy cottonball clouds! After landing safely, made our way to a Super Shuttle driven by a man from West Africa to our Hertz rental car experienceing real Southern Hospitality all along the way!  Once on the road with Danny "Driving Miss Geralyn" in our Great gas mileage compact, European-looking, blue Chevrolet, we stopped for a bite at Good 'Ole Cracker Barrel restaurant where I jumped into an all-day breakfast of scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits & all the lemonade you can drink!  Then we were off to see the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston TX!  Never seen a place like this before with it's tropical feel & Amazing Big & Beautiful buildings!  Made our way to the beach where the seagulls were much more vocal than those in CA & yes, it's true, everything is Bigger in TX, as the beaches were much wider than those in Santa Monica!  Watched sunset behind us in the west as we faced the southern facing Gulf around 8pm. Our "car nap" ended up turning into a full night sleeping in the car, which was surprisingly warm & comfortable despite the teenage kids that were partying & spinning out nearby. Later in the night as the waves could be heard gently lappiing up on shore, I caught a glimpse of a sky filled with sparkling stars & a moon that smiled down on us as it reflected on the water below.  

Next morning we walked across the wide expanse of fine & soft sand to actually touch the invitingly warm water of the Gulf of Mexico!  Who knew there are such warm & tropical coastal waters here on the US Mainland?!? Then it was off to IHOP for a yummy & filling breakfast & then a drive to Jamaica Beach at the far western end of Galveston with its pretty pastel houses on stilts!  Then we headed back to the east end of the island to catch a small & free car ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula with talkative seagulls flying right along beside us as we passed by a shipwreck that looked as if it had come right out of "The Pirates of the Caribbean"!  After a short ride, we disembarked & drove through the scenic Bolivar Peninsula with more colorful houses on stilts & lush green foliage & bright yellow flowers all around.  We headed north to the I-10, otherwise known as the 10 freeway, which crosses the US through the South starting at the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville, FL & ending at the Pacific in Santa Monica, CA about 5 minutes from where I live!  So onto the I-10 we went heading east towards Beaumont, TX & Louisiana!  Btw, TX is the 41rst US State I've been to & LA is the 42nd!  Zipped through Beaumont, TX & then we knew that Louisiana was not far!  Learned it's hard to catch a photo of the "Welcome To Louisiana" sign as you're zipping down the freeway, but did a little cheer that we had crossed into the State of Louisiana!  Stopped for gas in Jennings, LA where we met a French Acadien native named Danny who I'm sure we're probably related to & who reminded us that we are in Acadien French-speaking country!  

Then we were "on-the-road-again" to Lafayette, LA where we hoped to spend the night.  Arriving in Lafayette, we cruised around seeing beautiful red brick buildings at the University of Lafayette & lovely lush, peaceful & green Girard Park.  Eventually found our way to the "Blue Moon" hostel where we were first told they were all full, but the super nice woman who worked there ended up finding a space for us to rest our weary heads, as well as tell us how to get to the best grocery to stock up on our roadtrip food supplies!  We were reminded of how it really is a small world after all when we discovered that the cashier at the grocery store was born in the same hosptial in San Mateo, CA as I was!  Fully stocked for the trip, we headed back to the Blue Moon where Danny made yummy butterfly & cherry tomato pasta & I visited with a gentleman who had lived to tell his stories of surviving Hurrican Katrina back in '05.  At the Blue Moon we also found out that we had just missed the Annual International Festival in Lafayette last weekend, but we planted some seeds of the idea of Danny maybe playing in the Festival & at the Blue Moon (which is also a music venue!) next year!  At around 11pm we settled in for a good nights sleep in our shared bottom bunk anticipating what wonderful adventures awaited us tomorrow as we head out to New Orleans for Jazzfest weekend!  So it is now 2:20pm on Friday May 3, '13 & am signing off from the Blue Moon Hostel in Lafayette, LA (on a surprisingly chilly day!) as I hear a train whistling in the distance & we get ready to head on down to New Orleans!  

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  • Seen you today busking at the station - very impressed!! You have a very beautiful voice

    Posted by jacqui , 04/07/2013 4:06pm (6 years ago)

  • A belated THANKS! for the SUPER SUPPORTIVE & MUCH-APPRECIATED COMMENTS!!! More blogs to come in the very near future!!! THANKS AGAIN FOR TUNING IN!!!

    Posted by Geralyn, 22/06/2013 11:16pm (6 years ago)

  • This is Such a Beautiful photo of you both !!! ...Danny, you kind of look like Dan Karlok/Eugene Crysler here !! : ) : ) : )
    (I haven't read your blog entries yet, but I know I will LOVE them !!! And so far, I LOVE the photos you've posted !!!!)
    ~* Tons and Tons of Love and GINORMOUS HUGS and Continuous Waterfalls of Extraordinary Blessings to you both *~

    Ruth/Sophi' : )

    Posted by Ruth/Sophi' : ), 13/05/2013 1:39pm (6 years ago)

  • Aloha Dearest Geralyn AND Dan,This is simply GREAT!!!!Never been down there & with your writing truly feel on the trip with you both!!!What a GREAT WAY to gain APPRECIATION of This GREAT COUNTRY!!!Really Enjoy your meeting each person & sharing their lives!!!Your Breakfast each day sound like a *TOUCH OF HEAVEN* on earth:Simply DELICIOUS!!Bon Appetite/HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY, TRULY WITH *YOU BOTH* in my heart of *HEARTS*!!!GREAT JOB!!!!THANKS FOR SHARING *YOUR SOUTHERN ADVENTURES*,Love & Big HUGS, Mom*0X0*p.s Eddie Midyette lives in Tampa, Florida if you travel that way?

    Posted by Mom, 04/05/2013 6:20pm (6 years ago)

  • I'm so jealous of you who get to do a road trip in the USA
    When I become rich again, I'll go over and do another trip again ...

    Looking forward to read this blog ;) Have a safe trip =)

    Posted by Jenny, 04/05/2013 7:55am (6 years ago)

  • So glad that you guys had such a wonderful experience here with us at the Blue Moon! I was so happy to be able to get a bunk for the two of you - such road weary travelers! Here's hoping that the rest of your trip is amazing! Come back and see us soon!

    Posted by Andrea @ the Blue Moon, 04/05/2013 3:56am (6 years ago)

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