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Sheldon to Columbia, South Carolina!

Posted by Geralyn on 27 May 2014 | 0 Comments

Well, it's now Tues., May 27, 2014!  I am currently dog-sitting in Scripps Ranch, San Diego & FINALLY having time to continue with my posts on Danny & my "50 In 50:  Circle of the South" AMAZING TRIP One Year ago last May, so here goes!

Am now in Blue Field, West Virginia on Mother's Day, Sun., May 12, '13 doing some blog catching up from our blissful days with our friends in Sheldon, SC!
So, awoke in the late morning on Wed. May 8, Rested & Refreshed after a good nights sleep to the sound of SC birds singing & embraced by the warm Southern air!  Our friends were up & about, so ate a bit of fresh fruit salad & then got ready for a little get together with friends where I got to meet some of the other ladies who live in the neighborhood.  After that, Danny & our friend Landon went on a bike ride, while my friend Leslie, Pasha (their dog) & I drove over to see if there were any dogs out to play! Surrounding scenery was absolutely Beautiful & did find some dogs & people who we stopped to visit with as the dogs enjoyed their "doggie time"!  Then took a nice long walk across the lowland countryside, with Pasha chasing squirrels & Leslie keeping a lookout for gators!  Say what?!?  When we returned to the house we learned that during their bike ride, Landon had purposely & specifically taken Danny to a place where he knew there were gators, so they had seen two making a Big Splash!  No question we are in the South Carolina Lowlands now!  So after playing a bit of piano & watching a perfectly pink sunset, we were treated to a supper of home-grown Carolina Gold rice & a medley of vegetables grown just down the way on their farm!  After dinner, Danny broke out his foldable (yes, I did write "foldable"!) guitar, which Pasha was quite fascinated with & we were treated to not only listening to Danny sing and play but also all joined in for a sing-along, ending a Perfect SC Day in a Perfect Way!
Thursday, May 9, in Sheldon also began late as was so nice to not to be "Up & at 'em!" for a change!  So Day 2 in Sheldon ended up being a day of Rest, Relaxation & Respite, which started with a yummy & relaxing breakfast out on the back porch overlooking the lovely back garden which slopes down to a small winding river.  C'est la vie!  In addition to spending precious time with our friends & Pasha, was also looking forward to having a day to catch up online with blogging, etc., but when I went upstairs to do that I somehow found myself taking a long afternoon nap!  When I arose it was just in time to savor the Spectacular Sheldon, SC Sunset & then get ready for supper, with Danny making his yummy butterfly pasta & getting to taste a sip of the home-made moonshine!  No question, we are in the South now!  Day ended with looking at wedding photos, visiting & savoring the Gift of being with dear friends.  Thank You God!
On Friday. May 10, we were actually "Up & at 'em" to say good-bye to Landon who was off to NC.  Then we jumped in the pick-up with Leslie to go see the Sheldon Inn, which you only see the door of as you drive down what is called "The Alley of Oaks".  The Giant Live Oaks all around were Majestic & the fragrance from the jasmine (South Carolina's State flower) & orange blossoms was truly breath-taking!  Camillia bushes & magnolia trees were all around & familiar as we also have them in CA.  The Inn itself is a historical home which is now not only a place to stay, but a lovely setting for weddings! Then it was time to head back, so Danny & I jumped in the back of the pick-up for the real Southern experience!  Saw herons & egrets flying back as we breathed in the fresh warm air!  Back at the house we focused on getting ready to say good-bye to Sheldon & head north to Charleston, SC & beyond!
After saying our good-byes, we were on our way to Charleston along Route 17.  Stopped in Revenal, SC for food & gas & then continued on, calling my friend in Charleston to arrange for a "swing by & say hello" rendez-vous!  Between her directions & the assistance of Thomasina, we made our way across a Charleston Bridge & to a lake by some tennis courts where we met my friend.  Danny took a walk around as we visited on a bench & a white heron wandered around right in front of us in the lake below.  When Danny returned he said there was an Amazing "Sweet Like Candy Sticks" Fragrance all over & my friend said that's why Jasmine is SC's State Flower!  So after a short & truly sweet visit, we took some pics., said our good-byes & we're on our way to do a little driving tour around Charleston as recommended by my friend.  Was impressed by the waterfront & individual Beauty of the Charleston Homes to the point where we just had to stop & get out to take some pics.!  After that we were on the road again with hopes of getting to Ashville, NC for a gig of Danny's friend, so we headed up towards Columbia, SC where we would make decisions about where to spend the night. Stopping for a "breakfast-dinner" at the Waffle House, we decided it was too late to try to make it to Ashville & as it was already dark, we decided to just spend the night where we were in Columbia, SC, just near the airport.  So we were lucky to find one of the last rooms at The Knights Inn & settled in for the night, still in SC!

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