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Florida to Atlantic to South Carolina!

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Atlantic Beach

Awoke around 8am as our friends got ready for work & we got ready to leave with them!  Said our good-byes to them & Magic & Tiki the cats & then off we went to do a drive by viewing of the State Capitol Building as Tallahassee is the capitol of Florida. This led Danny & I to start checking off the state capitol cities we've been too (we may go to 6 out of a possible 13 on this trip!) & suffice to say, there's a whole other trip there!  As we were on a road trip & it was breakfast time, we stopped at good 'ole McDonalds for what I have to admit was a very delicious & affordable breakfast of eggs, hash browns, biscuit, pancakes & OJ! On the road again, this time settling in for the several hour drive to Jacksonville, we listened to local radio as we took in the tropical forest & pink & yellow wildflowers that prettily lined the I-10. Once in Jacksonville, Thomasina once again led us right to a place where I wanted to stop in & say Hi called "Christian Healing Ministries" which is a Ministry of Healing & Prayer.  We were blessed to be shown around by a lovely lady & Danny showed me a book in the bookstore called "Fabulous At 50!" which I just had to buy!  After receiving some Prayer Coverage & a Powerful Boost, we said Thanks & good-bye & found our way back to the 10 & then Atlantic Way which is where the 10 freeway, which ends 5 mins. from where I live in Santa Monica begins!  Once at Atlantic Beach we walked across the hard wet sand to touch the Mighty Atlantic (which was surprisingly warm!) as seagulls & sandpipers coasted & ran along the shore with the wind dancing all around.

With more miles to go before the days end we needed to keep moving, so after getting the card of a nice little motel on the beach for future reference & directions from a local to Amelia Beach, we headed north. First stop was the shortest ferry I've ever been on to Talbot Island, which was short (about 6 mins.!), windy & sweet!  Once off the ferry, we proceeded to drive through picturesque North Talbot Island & eventually crossed over a bridge to lovely & historic Amelia Island, which I had heard about from a woman who works at a toy store in Malibu!  We were not only struck by the lush green beauty of the island, but we were also on a mission to find American Beach, which is historically significant as it was purchased by the first African-American millionaire in Florida, Abraham Lincoln Lewis in 1935 during a time when beaches were segregated, so his employees could have a beach to enjoy & buy homes on.  So after a u-turn or two, we found our way down some little roads to American Beach with a sign to mark the spot. Was amazing to see what a Beautiful & Expansive Beach it is with Perfect weather & no one else on it except us for miles in both directions! Took a moment not only to thoughtfully touch the Atlantic, but also to ponder the history that had taken place there & offered up a little Prayer to God.  Then we were on-the-raod again, this time headed back to the main I-95 freeway with our ultimate destination being our friends' place in Sheldon, SC!  So zipped along north on the 95 uneventfully crossing Georgia, my 45th State, where I took a picture of a BIG PEACHES sign!  Jumped off the 95 for a little drive around Savannah, GA with it's pretty houses & parks full of trees dripping with Spanish moss. Saw an open top old-fashioned hearst drive by full of tourists listening to a very loud tour guide & were tempted to follow along & listen, but kept moving as we saw the sun quickly setting on the horizon!  Found our way to the bridge which lead from GA to SC & snapped some sunset pics. to the left as went across & entered into my 46th State of South Carolina!  As the darkness of night quickly fell & with Thomasina our GPS in one hand & talking on the cell with my friend in Sheldon, SC on the other, we found our way off of the small SC roads back onto the I-95 & then further down got off onto small backroads once again to find our way to our friends' lovely tucked away home in Sheldon, SC!  We were warmly welcomed by them & their Big Puppy dog Pasha & after a drink, a quesedilla & a chat, settled in for a wonderful & peaceful nights rest after a busy 3-State day of travel!

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