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Southern Circle

My sister, Geralyn, and I are headed off on a road trip of the southern states of the US. She's trying to reach all 50 states before she turns 51 and I'm going along for the ride.

It turned out the states she hadn't been to are all connected so it seemed a road trip was in order. She'll be keeping a blog here of whatever we get up to. Come along for the ride!

TX & LA!

Posted by Geralyn on 3 May 2013 | 6 Comments


Yee-Haw!  It's the First Travel Blog entry from Lafayette, LA!!!  So we've gone from The City of Angels "LA" to Lafayette, "LA"!  Trip so far has been So Good!  Was surprised to see lush green landscape flying in over Houston dotted with fluffy cottonball clouds! After landing safely, made our way to a Super Shuttle driven by a man from West Africa to our Hertz rental car experienceing real Southern Hospitality all along the way!  Once on the road with Danny "Driving Miss Geralyn" in our Great gas mileage compact, European-looking, blue Chevrolet, we stopped for a bite at Good 'Ole Cracker Barrel restaurant where I jumped into an all-day breakfast of scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits & all the lemonade you can drink!  Then we were off to see the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston TX!  Never seen a place like this before with it's tropical feel & Amazing Big & Beautiful buildings!  Made our way to the beach where the seagulls were much more vocal than those in CA & yes, it's true, everything is Bigger in TX, as the beaches were much wider than those in Santa Monica!  Watched sunset behind us in the west as we faced the southern facing Gulf around 8pm. Our "car nap" ended up turning into a full night sleeping in the car, which was surprisingly warm & comfortable despite the teenage kids that were partying & spinning out nearby. Later in the night as the waves could be heard gently lappiing up on shore, I caught a glimpse of a sky filled with sparkling stars & a moon that smiled down on us as it reflected on the water below.  

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