Dan Beaulaurier

Singer Songwriter Guitarist

Norton Money - Double EP

Year of release: 2009

Norton Money are surprisingly a London-based ‘country/alt./Bluegrass band that play barn-yard hoedown music in a Gram Parsons-Ryan Adams-Neil Young kinda way’.

Driven by the guitars and warm harmonies of San Francisco ex-pats Dan Beaulaurier & Jeremy Mendonca, the sound is completed by Swedish bassist and banjo player Oscar Lisshagen and London born and bred Tim Bazell. All the songs are written by Dan and Jeremy.

  • Real Love
  • Half Hearted
  • 40 Days
  • Just the Same
  • Queen of Tunitas
  • Wings
  • My Dream Home & My Dream Girl
  • Maybelline
  • Four Leaf Clover
  • Stacey's Fishtank
  • Babe in the Woods
  • Mother's Arms

Price - £7.99

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Norton Money - Double EP