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- 17/07/2015

The rollercoaster of rock & roll continues. Had a great mini tour this past weekend with Grace Solero despite our drummer picking a most inopportune time to quit the band a few days before we set out on the road. But through a series of miracles, we met Dave Guy on the Monday followed by some intensive rehearsals, and we rocked right through the 3 gigs a few short days later. Great job, Dave! The most fun gig was the Oakwell Festival on Sunday. Really great, laid-back vibe, big ol' stage and a great crowd! Dodgy played after us and they were rockin.

Working out some new songs and re-working some of the old ones too. Really looking forward to the 12 Bar gig in a couple of weeks! It'll be great to get the chance to have Mr. BJ Cole play pedal steel on a few of our songs with us. Yeah! Check him out here: www.bjcole.co.uk

I'll also be playing some tunes with Of Embla on the night. Should be fun!

I'm trying to get over to Ireland next month for some gigs so if you know any music promoters over there, please let me know!

Might be playing some West Coast gigs in the fall so stay tuned!!!

- Dan


photo by Imelda Michalczyk - www.rebeladelica.com