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Time To Write

- 25/10/2014
I've been working on some song ideas I've had for a while and it feels great to just sit down and actually put them together. It's amazing the amount of distractions that come up vying for my attention when I'm trying to focus on this. Sometimes I feel this impulsive desire to go to the woods with a guitar, notebook and tape recorder for 6 months straight. I'm not quite doing that (yet) but am trying to schedule in more time for writing. You can't really schedule in inspiration but songwriting is like any craft and scheduling it in helps make it actually happen. Instead of not happening. Right? read more »

Thank You, Maverick Festival!

- 09/07/2014
Wow, we sure had a great time at Maverick. We got to play in the Barn, which really is a barn. Got a lot of positive energy from the crowd and it was pretty wild to play on such a gigantic stage. Made me realize I need to get some bigger stage moves going. Shane Kirk, the stage manager, wrote a review calling us, "band of the festival - all great tunes, Tele lead breaks and backing harmonies over solid grooves." Thanks so much, Shane! read more »

We're playing Maverick Festival this weekend! Woohoo!

- 04/07/2014
If you're in Suffolk, come on down to Easton Park Farm. We're playing in the barn at 6pm on Saturday and then the Moonshine Cafe bright and early Sunday morning at 11:45. Here we go! read more »

Summer Festivals!

- 25/06/2014
We're playing festivals this summer and I couldn't be more excited about it. This summer has caught me by surprise and suddenly it's really hot and beautiful. Please check the gigs page for all the details about upcoming performances! read more »

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