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More Of The Good Stuff

- 02/03/2016
I've had some overseas gigs in the past month and well heck, that's pretty fun! It was great to finally play over in Dublin. The Grand Social is a really nice venue and we had a great turnout. It was fun to hang out with Rob Corcoran and his band and to head down to Cork with them. Felt like a little sampler trip over to the Emerald Isle but now I really want to get back, rent a car, be out in nature and play some gigs in the West. read more »

The slow time of year?!!!

- 26/01/2016
Hey everybody, Happy New Year! We recently got Norton Money up and running again and have already played some shows in London and Kent the past few days. Trying it as a 3-piece with a bit of instrument swapping throughout the set. If you're reading this, you probably already know me and Jeremy, but we also have Jamie Shaw on drums. He's quite the force de groove. For our 3 gigs in Kent, we even had our personal chauffeur, Richard Goldsmith, in his motorhome. First class all the way! We're going back into One Cat Studio with Jon Clayton next month to work on some recordings so watch this space as we embark on a new record!!! read more »

Gigs Galore

- 30/10/2015
Back in London and I seem to have hit the ground running. Tonight I'm playing with Grace Solero in Birmingham opening up for Bernie Torme, and last night I played guitar and sang a bit with Of Embla at The Harrison. Our monthly music night at Aces & Eights, "Emperor Norton's Whiskey Symposium", returns this upcoming Thursday, so I'm really excited about that! Have some new songs in the works too. Ok, more soon but right now we have to hit the road and try to beat the bulk of the Friday traffic. Have a great weekend! read more »

Previously In Dan's News...

- 17/07/2015
The rollercoaster of rock & roll continues. Had a great mini tour this past weekend with Grace Solero despite our drummer picking a most inopportune time to quit the band a few days before we set out on the road. But through a series of miracles, we met Dave Guy on the Monday followed by some intensive rehearsals, and we rocked right through the 3 gigs a few short days later. Great job, Dave! The most fun gig was the Oakwell Festival on Sunday. Really great, laid-back vibe, big ol' stage and a great crowd! Dodgy played after us and they were rockin. read more »

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