Dan Beaulaurier

Singer Songwriter Guitarist


Happy New Year, Everybody!

- 17/01/2017
Yeah, we made it! Pretty excited about this upcoming year. A big part of that excitement is the new Norton Money album that'll be coming out soon. Stay tuned! Speaking of Norton Money, we had an amazing time on our California Tour in October. So great to see so many friends and family at the shows. We thank you for all your support! Enjoyed some time out in the desert, a few beaches and lots of miles on backroads and highways. It also made me happy that my musical gear back home could handle some real, by God touring. Special thanks goes out to my sister, Geralyn, for being our tour manager, photographer and videographer all along the way. Loved playing with some other great bands and artists, like Scary Little Friends, PJ Weston, Dan Juan and Junk Parlor. We'll see y'all again in the autumn! Still need to get the new album mastered as well as sorting out the artwork. But we're looking to release it before the summer. Record release party news to follow soon... read more »

California Tour Starts Next Week!

- 03/10/2016
Yeah, it's coming up quickly and we couldn't be more excited about it. Just added another date. We play The Maiden in Big Sur on Friday, October 14! If you have friends in LA, around Santa Cruz or in the Bay Area, please send them our way. And of course, we'd love to see YOU if you live in or near any of these spots! All the shows can be found on the gigs page. read more »

More California Dates Getting Confirmed!

- 19/08/2016
It's all coming together. I'm pretty excited to get back to playing some of my favorite spots. And it'll be Jamie the drummer's first time in California! So far, we'll be at Silverlake Lounge in LA on Wed. Oct. 12, Pioneer Saloon in Woodside on Thur. Oct. 20 and Smiley's in Bolinas on Fri. Oct. 21. Stay tuned for more dates as we confirm them. Woohoo! read more »

All Sorts Of Stuff

- 02/06/2016
There have been a bunch of shows as of late. It's all been lots of fun but I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been a blur. All good though. Onward and upward. read more »

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photo by Imelda Michalczyk - www.rebeladelica.com